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I enjoyed every bit of school. I highly recommend Nova as an excellent choice of school for this industry as they give you more than enough information and knowledge to set you apart and get you far into the world of hair and skin.- Megan Milbrandt - Cosmetology + Esthiology Student
I had a great experience here at Nova! It’s a wonderful staff and great teaching! Absolutely loved the atmosphere! I was always excited to come to school!- Kylie Canterburg -Cosmetology Student
Nova is a top notch school where all instructors and staff are dedicated to top of the line education and student success. I am so glad I took this step and that I did it through Nova!- Sharesa Golish - Cosmetology Student


Upon completion of the course requirements, the determined Licensee will be able to perform the basic technical skills in the areas of the following:
1.Using educational aids
2.Teaching and learning methods
3.Achieving learner results
4.Professional performance evaluations
5.Teaching diverse learning types, and powerful teaching and learning methods.
6.Preparing and executing lesson plans and teaching a dynamic clinic.
7.Preparing licensee for MN State licensing exam, both written and practical.To ensure continued professional success, the student will continue to learn new and current information related to skills, trends, and methods for professional development in cosmetology and related fields.

**Applicants to the InstructorTrainingcourse must also hold a current license for Cosmetology, Esthiology or Nail Technician.

The primary purpose of the Instructor Training course is to give instruction on becoming a licensed Cosmetology/Esthiology/Nail Technology Instructor. This course will cover technical and written skills to obtain a licensure as well as be competent to work in Minnesota, or nationwide. The Instructor Training coursecontent is 38 hours of instruction on history of teaching, educator relationships developing a dynamic program of study, using educational aids, teaching and learning methods, achieving learner results, professional performance evaluations, preparing for licensure and Minnesota state laws and rules, skills and presentation techniques, classroom management, industry needs, teaching a dynamic clinic, teaching diverse learning types, powerful teaching and learning methods. Candidates will be eligible for the Minnesota State Licensing Exam to become a Licensed Instructor per their licensure once they have met all Minnesota state laws and regulations, per the Board of Cosmetology Examiners. Licensed candidates are evaluated on subjects through a presentation of a lesson plan and presentation of a subject that is chosen from the Minnesota Board of Cosmetologist.

School Instructor/Manager
Director of Education
School Owner
Accreditation Analyst
Textbook Author
School Administrator
Salon or Day Spa Owner
Product distributor
Manufacturer’s Sales Representative

Instructor Training Program Investment

  • Registration Fee $50 + Kit Fee $200 + Tuition Fee $660 =  Total $960.00

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